Home With Home

Home With Home

Season 1

Is a comedy series about two competitive friends and a Google Home.
Lift-Off Sessions 2019 (white)

The ideá behind this series is to do a modern take on the old ”my-dad-is-stronger-than-your-dad”  but with a Google Home.
Each episode will be under two minutes and be about everyday conversations with Luis & Johan and different ways to use a Google Home.

This is pure fiction and just for fun

”This is so funny”
”It´s great”
”Very relaxed and good acting”
”It´s your best work”
”Looking forward to more episodes”
”Wonderfull, very funny”
”Google should watch this”
”Im actually in love with this series”

Episode 01


Episode 02

Episode 3
”Broken door”

Episode 4

Alternativ Ending!

Episode 5

Episode 6
”Flat Earth”

Episode 7
”The Substitute”


Episode 8
”The Last Jedi”

Episode 9


Luis confronts Johan about his gambling addiction.

Episode 10 Season finale
”Bloody Burger”