Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker


First of all I loved The Last Jedi and i was worried this movie was gonna undo all of that and they kind of did.

The movie is like an adventyre film that they have to have this thing on that place and go to that place for the new thing and save this character from there and so on. Little like National Treasure. People gave Rian Johnson shit about to many side stories and they sort of do the same here but with our main characters.

The movie fells rushed and some stuff i wish they have showed more and explored more like Kylo and his Knights. Some scenes just happend and they dont show how it happend, that would me more interesting.

I did not like that they brought Paltapine back and that felt just like a safecard instead of taking a risk or do something different. I did not like that oh NOW they know who Reys folks are and so on. It just felt cheap and had no impact of her background. So many plotholes unsolved.

The sound was amazing like always and the action was great, the movie never takes a paus to take a breath, its action nonstop. The visuals was great exept one scene at the end was like very bad CGI.

The third act i was cool but there was no stake, it felt safe. I wish they had now shown so much of it in the trailer. It gave me goosebumps anyway but it would be so much better without knowing from the trailer.

Its fanservice all the way and they did some cool stuff that Rian inserted in his movie but in general we have seen it all before. I wish they had taken a step back and let it simmer for a bit and make this movie in to 2 films instead. There is a scene at the end what i was like NOOOO why did they do that! And another thing that was like OF course they did and it felt just like fanservise. Nothing was earned, the best moment was Chewie. You will know what i mean but it was soooo fanservice.

Rey is awsome!

With that said I need to see it again, its not a bad movie i just did not like that they tried to ”undo” Last Jedi! The feeling i have now is a 2.5/5


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